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5 Tips To Increase Halloween Sales With POS

Halloween is a fantastic opportunity for merchants to engage with their customers in ways that they can’t get at any other time of year. Therefore, using POS with innovative marketing may help your retail business stimulate customer interest and increase Halloween sales. This article will give you 5 tips to attract new customers to your stores in these spooky days.

Implement holiday theme in stores 

The first and most important step is to decorate your online and offline business for Halloween. This step is symbolic and informs customers that your business is Halloween-ready and that they may expect Halloween-themed merchandise.

Additionally, Halloween themes assist you in capturing the emotions and imaginations of your potential consumers, providing them with an excellent user experience, and establishing a more personal purchasing experience.

You don’t have to run a fully Halloween store to get into the holiday mood, and even a little Halloween goes a long way toward letting your customers know you offer the seasonal products they’re looking for. 

Just spooking things up with a Halloween-themed window can grab the attention of passers-by.

Add seasonal items to increase Halloween sales

Halloween comes and retailers become frustrated since they don’t have any of the featured products of this chilly holiday season. But don’t get discouraged, you don’t have what customers need, but you can add what they want into your stores. While you may not be able to sell hundreds of costumes, you can concentrate on accessories or home decor.

The objective is to provide customers with appropriate things that entice them to buy stuff in bulk – sweets and candles, wigs and wine — with the ultimate goal of encouraging future shop visits.

But it is more creative to integrate the Halloween theme into your available products. Manny MUA, a well-known makeup artist, YouTuber, and beauty blogger, released a special Halloween cosmetic collection in September 2019. The Moon Spell Collection is inspired by pop culture’s beloved witches from the 1990s, with a nod to the cult classic series Charmed in particular. The campaign created a strong thrill in the community right before the product was launched.

Create Halloween online shopping experience

According to a survey from Blue Fountain Media, 39% of younger-than-45 people prefer to shop online for Halloween purchases. Online shopping makes it easy for customers to find everything on the Halloween shopping list. Costume parties, trick or treat nights, and other fun Halloween festivities are all available. 

Customers can always know product information, buy goods quickly without having to wait in line. Shopkeepers can pay multiple orders at once and increase Halloween sales.

Manage inventory efficiently 

This busy season will bring sellers a lot of troubles, such as dealing with product backlogs or losing sales. But a Point of sale (POS) system, notably ConnectPOS, can take away those worries.

Since ConnectPOS has automatic synchronization, all the products, orders, customers, tax information, and inventory are seamlessly synced in real-time across online and physical businesses. Multi-stores and warehouses are managed easily. Merchants can check and transfer the stock of each store directly. Functions of both physical and online stores would improve at the same time.

Provide some Halloween discounts

You can use POS to offer directly discount items or campaigns for customers when they shop online. 

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The method is simple but can massively increase Halloween sales. For example, giving the discount code or similar promotions for customers who show off their Halloween spirit either in-store or via photos posted to your website or social media. This kind of involvement with your brand improves the probability that they will purchase with you all year, not just during Halloween.


The upcoming ghostly season is a great time for retailers to increase Halloween sales by using POS. If you are still wondering how to leverage POS to boost your revenue, connect us immediately to receive the best advice and a free trial of ConnectPOS.

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