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Top 3 NetSuite POS Integration For Retailers In 2021

Today’s retail market and customer requirements are changing constantly, which poses more challenges for retailers to grow their business and stay competitive. Omnichannel shopping experiences and advanced inventory management are major determinants that can make or break your business. At the same time, many helpful technology solutions are available to help retail stores deal with modern problems effectively. And POS and ERP systems are the two highlight solutions in the retail industry.  In practice, with the purpose of effectively supporting retailers, the leading ERP solution provider – Netsuite has worked in close collaboration with other POS providers and brings out powerful system integration solutions. In this article, we would like to introduce the 3 most impressive Netsuite POS integration ever in the market.

ConnectPOS x Netsuite 

ConnectPOS is an outstanding POS system in the market that has supported more than 2000 all-sized retail businesses worldwide. This solution is the only POS to connect your NetSuite with eCommerce platforms. With a wide range of helpful features, ConnetPOS itself is able to greatly handle the majority of traditional problems in retail stores. Don’t just limit its ability there, the ConnectPOS provider decided to work with NetSuite in order to develop an excellent NetSuite POS system.

NetSuite POS system – ConnectPOS is able to automatically update all data related to not only sales and inventory but also other business operations such as capital sources and financial processes between NetSuite and POS. With the help of the NetSuite POS system by ConnectPOS, retailers can unleash maximum potentials of omnichannel business by streamlining shopping experience across channels and providing many other O2O features.

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Besides, ConnectPOS is well-known for allowing retailers to directly integrate and pay for various secured and popular third-party payment gateways in the market without any transaction fees required. Retailers can also better satisfy their customers with advanced methods of payment such as layaway or split tenders and create effective loyalty programs.

ConnectPOS x NetSuite
ConnectPOS x NetSuite

Vend POS x Netsuite 

Vend has introduced VendPOS DirectConnect Suite App as a fully-featured solution that enables retailers to integrate their POS and NetSuite systems natively and seamlessly. Venda NetSuite POS is natively built into and hosted in NetSuite in order to ensure a streamlined workflow across the two solutions.

This NetSuite POS integration can integrate all data between the POS and NetSuite system automatically and directly from the NetSuite account. The integration of VendPOS and NetSuite also saves retailers time and money on handling complex tasks such as inventory management, supply chain management, and generating reports.


Lightspeed POS x Netsuite 

LightSpeed is another POS system that can work well with NetSuite and open up an automated channel communication between the two systems. Similar to ConnectPOS and VendPOS, the key ability of this integration is its ability to automate data sharing. 

LightSpeed enables retailers to share crucial business information such as customer data, inventory, financial, etc from ERP to POS systems and vice versa. As a result, retail stores can improve and personalize their shopping experience across every online and offline store. 

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Your NetSuite system can be used as a central hub for business data. All business data will be stored in a centralized location. NetSuite POS will help you to analyze and produce in-depth insight on your business as well as possible problems in stores. 

LightSpeed POS x NetSuite
LightSpeed POS x NetSuite

Final thought, 

The integration of NetSuite and POS solution providers is truly an out-of-the-box idea. However, since ERP and POS are developed separately, there might be possible interruptions when integrating them together. So far, there are not many NetSuite POS that can run smoothly in your store and these three solutions are believed to rule this game.

Technology is beneficial yet complicated at the same time. Hence, make sure you have carefully learned about your solution before adopting it. And if you have any difficulties finding your best suitable solution providers, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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