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Top 3 UK POS Systems in 2021

The UK is the largest eCommerce retail market in Europe with more than 200 billion euros spent on online purchases in 2019. Apparently, UK retailers have a huge opportunity to gain more sales and grow their business. However, in the context of the UK competitive and constantly changing market, retailers will have to deal with many problems to maintain and develop their stores. And POS systems appear to be a powerful solution that can support UK retailers to modern problems in the UK retail industry. 

Nowadays, there are several UK pos systems providers in the market, which may cause you confusion to choose your best suitable one. This article will somewhat help you overall evaluate some of the top POS systems in the UK.


ConnectPOS is a POS solution developed and first introduced by ConnectRetail in 2011. Over the years, ConnectPOS has supported more than 2000 all-sized retailers worldwide to develop their modern retail stores and soon become a leading solution in the market. 

Being developed with a wide range of handy features, ConnectPOS is not only able to facilitate your traditional retail stores but also develop your omnichannel business model in the UK. To be more specific, with ConnectPOS, retail owners can ensure that all data in both physical and digital stores is synchronized and updated into the system in real-time even in Offline Mode. This feature greatly simplifies sales and inventory management processes while enhancing business proficiency at the same time. Moreover, ConnectPOS enables retail stores to automate many inventory tasks and develop a streamlined business process.

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The ability to integrate with the majority of popular third-party providers in the UK is another advantage of ConnectPOS. ConnectPOS allows retailers to pay directly to these gateways right in ConnectPOS without any extra transaction fees required.

ConnectPOS offers three basic pricing plans which are standard ($39/month), ($69/month), ($89/month). Also, you can try the demo of this solution by registering for a 14-day-free-trial experiencing this global standard solution.

ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail
ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail


Goodtill is a UK-based POS system that is best suitable for small and medium hospitality businesses. This UK pos system is developed with many useful features that support every aspect of modern retail business. 

In general, the price for using Goodtill is cheaper than many other POS systems while still being able to streamline business processes and better serve UK customers. Also, this solution can also help retail stores to easily upgrade the checkout process and keep up with every transaction by integrating with many secured payment methods in the UK.

As mentioned above, the cost for Goodtill is very reasonable at $29 per month for all basic features. 



Lightspeed has been one of the most powerful POS systems in the UK market for years. This solution is a complete point of sale and inventory management tool that enables every retailer to easily set up and grow their business.

To illustrate, when it comes to inventory management, Lightspeed supports retail owners to easily create product variations by using their efficient matrix system. Moreover, you can also bundle individual items such as seasonal or slow-moving products to encourage more sales. 

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Additionally, the Lightspeed POS system can automatically gather data to produce insightful reports on your business. Based on these reports, you can timely spot possible business issues and deal with them before they can hurt your business.

There are five Lightspeed pricing packages available starting from $69 to $299 per month. Each pricing package offers basic features with other particular advanced features.

Lightspeed's pricing plans
Lightspeed’s pricing plans

In conclusion,

POS systems play a major role in facilitating and developing your UK stores in the modern-day. Hence, it is a must to make sure that you choose the right UK pos systems that fulfill the needs of your business. By going through some outstanding POS systems in the UK market, we expect to somewhat help you better understand how a POS system can benefit your stores as well as what you may need in a POS system. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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