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Top 5 eCommerce Wholesale Apps in 2022

As consumers change from desktop to mobile, an eCommerce wholesale app is required to influence their purchasing decisions. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular shopping apps that will be dominating mobile commerce in 2022.

Nike: A digital transformation

Through the confluence of digital and physical settings, Nike has made a step to remove friction and personalize experiences. The brand app was launched as part of the company’s customer-focused digital strategy, with the goal of combining physical shopping and smartphone technology into one platform.

Why it is suitable with eCommerce wholesale

This eCommerce wholesale app attempts to improve the consumer experience in a variety of ways. It allows customers to verify the availability of any item in the store and make same-day reservations. Following the completion of a reservation, clients will receive a push notification when their items are ready for pickup.

Boxed: For food and home furnishings

As an online wholesale grocery and household goods, Boxed is based in the United States. Customers may browse wholesale products on the move without having to pay wholesale club membership fees thanks to the brand’s user-friendly mobile app. The ease of bulk shopping via a mobile device is available to app users.

Why it is suitable with eCommerce wholesale

Boxed has prepared customized shopping lists and suggestions for various events, such as vacations, parties, etc., to help app users save time when planning what to bring or serve. These lists are totally adjustable so customers can easily create their own list by deleting current phrases that don’t apply or add new terms that are relevant to them.

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The software uses machine learning to forecast when will their clients run out of a product based on previous purchases. Its SMART Stockup feature will then send a reminder, allowing them to quickly reorder the items. 

Sephora: Cosmetic eCommerce wholesale app

With more than 1,750 locations in 30 countries, Sephora is a famous cosmetics and beauty retailer all over the world. Its app has played a major part as a mobile tactic in the brand’s digital reinvention, which has been a huge success. The beauty company has added numerous new digital experiences to the app that will benefit the customers.

Any retailer can create an eCommerce application like above by using ConnectPOS since its PWA Consumer App can give customers a seamless shopping experience via their mobile phone.

Why it is suitable with eCommerce wholesale

The app has over 2 million downloads and focuses on the in-store digital experience, including an integrated loyalty card and gift card, product scanning for ratings and reviews, personalized alerts about in-store deals, and more. Sephora Virtual Artist allows app users to virtually try on different make-up items from their mobile device.

ASOS: An offer of more than 850 brands

ASOS is a multinational fashion store founded in the United Kingdom that sells over 85,000 products online and through mobile apps. The app has over 10 million downloads, with users spending an average of 80 minutes per month on it.

Why it is suitable with eCommerce wholesale

In-app sales are predicted to increase by 30-35% with the installation of Asos’ “Style Match” visual search function. The primary feature of this eCommerce wholesale app allows consumers to find similar goods to any chosen outfit quickly and easily. They can accomplish it by taking or uploading a reference photo, and the style match will display the closet results from the brand’s 85,000-item inventory.

JOANN: For fabric and craft

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, the largest fabric and craft retailer in the United States with locations in 49 states, began as a single retail business in 1943. Jo-Ann has 850 locations across the US, selling fabrics and craft items. The digitally impacted company launched its JOANN app in the summer of 2017 to improve the omnichannel experience for customers.

Why it is suitable with eCommerce wholesale

Customers of Jo-Ann Fabrics can use the app to shop for supplies, get project ideas, and redeem mobile coupons. Moreover, buyers may use the app to browse weekly promotions, get personalized bargains, create bespoke shopping lists, and more. 

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This eCommerce wholesale app is an industry-first application that allows users to publish their own projects complete with images, videos, and even music. They will be able to confidently share their completed creations with friends, family, and each other as a result. 

In short

Because shoppers tend to choose eCommerce wholesale apps for convenience and easy accessibility, every merchant should take it as a chance to improve shopping service and quickly boost up sales. To understand more about this aspect, call us now to get the most detailed information and useful advice

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