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Top 5 Best Australia POS Systems In 2021

Australia is ranked as the 10th largest eCommerce market in the world with a revenue of US$27 billion in 2020. Along with this eCommerce emerging trend, there are more and more brick-and-mortar stores moving online. As a result, the demand for powerful technology solutions for the modern retail industry significantly increased. And the POS system is one of the major determinants that facilitate retailers to successfully upgrade their business. Here are the 5 most highly recommended Australia pos systems that you may look for.


ConnectPOS is a popular cloud-based POS system in Australia with a wide range of helpful features specially developed for this market. With a feature-rich and robust system, ConnectPOS can facilitate all-size businesses to streamline and optimize their retail operations in order to gain more orders and revenue. Also, this POS often makes it easier to synchronize between online and offline stores as well as develop a cost-effective omnichannel retail business.

ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail
ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail

One of the most highlighted features provided by ConnectPOS is real-time synchronization. ConnectPOS enables Australian retailers to synchronize all changes in every store and warehouse location in real-time. Even when the Internet connection goes down, business data is still recorded and will be constantly updated into the system later.

It is reported that 29% of Australians use third-party payment gateways like PayPal. Besides, 47% of Austrian buyers use credit cards to make online purchases. Seeing this shopping trend of Australian customer behavior, ConnectPOS has developed and provided retailers with multiple payment methods from cash to card. Retailers can directly integrate with third-party payment providers right in ConnectPOS without having to pay any extra transaction fees.

In fact, there are many other impressive features that can meet the demand of Australian retailers such as Click & Collect, Customer Loyalty Program, Stocktake, etc. Depending on the pricing package you choose, you will be supported with a particular set of features. To have a clearer overview of ConnectPOS pricing plan, please take a look at this page.


Lightspeed is a POS software developed in Canada. But this company has enhanced its reputation as one of the best POS systems in Australia, especially among small and medium retail businesses.  A special characteristic of Lightspeed is that it enables retailers to easily tailor the system to best fit their needs.

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Lightspeed has a great inventory management system. This solution can support all types of inventory by clearly informing and presenting data to help retailers easily monitor their inventory levels. The Kit/Club item is a special feature that retailers can use to enter or report multiple items.

Lightspeed POS
Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed only provides a pricing plan which costs $99 per month. This plan supports retailers with up to 5 employee access, omnichannel business, cloud backup, etc. In addition to this subscription cost, retailers are also required to charge a certain percentage of each card payment.


Hike is an Australian local-based POS system that was launched a few years ago. By now, Hike has been supporting loads of small and medium-sized businesses from 75 countries across continents.

Hike POS is an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use system. Just by submitting an email address and a specific type of business, you will be provided with a dashboard and start the sales and inventory process.

Hike POS
Hike POS

Additionally, Hike has also been considered one of the most excellent POS systems in Australia thanks to its ability to support every aspect of your business from sales, inventory, employees to customers. You can also easily integrate other third-party applications into your Hike POS system without any charge included. 

There are three main pricing plans offered by Hike developers which are Start-Up, One Store, and Multiplestore. The monthly cost of these plans ranges from $59 to $129 depending on the number of available add ons.

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The POS system – TouchBistro is one of the perfect options for the Australian restaurant business. This POS company provides both hardware and software necessities for restaurants to run transactions. Also, since this is a special solution for the food and beverage industry, TouchBistro can run smoothly on iPad devices.

TouchBistro is a user-friendly solution with a simple interface and helpful features. Thus, restaurant owners can quickly benefit from it right after it is integrated with your storage system. 

The only drawback is that TouchBistro does not provide an in-house payment process. Instead, in order to make the most use of this solution and process payment, retailers are required to integrate with third-party payment service providers.

TouchBistro charges on each feature instead of creating a pricing plan. It may appear like a huge investment at first. However, you can choose to purchase bundles of hardware and software, which is more reasonable.


Square POS system is an ideal solution for small businesses in Australia since it is offered for free. Although it may not include outstanding features compared to other systems, there are still several solutions that greatly help your business.

Some of the most highlighted features developed by Square are that: 

  • This system supports Offline payments mode with the aim of avoiding lost sales.
  • With Square, retailers can quickly and easily set up invoices by using built-in tools and templates.
  • Retailers can also enter credit card details directly from Internet-connected devices using web browsers.

In conclusion

The POS system is believed to make huge contributions to the Australian retail industry. A good POS system will help you to monitor your business, attract more customers and stay competitive in your market. Make sure that you have chosen a perfect POS system for your store in Australia. 

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If you are having any trouble adopting a POS system for your business in Australia, don’t hesitate to tell us!

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