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Top 5 best Canada POS systems in 2021

According to Statista, the revenue of the Canadian retail eCommerce industry was reported to be about $30 billion in 2020 and predicted to reach $40 billion by 2025. We can easily see that the retail eCommerce industry in Canada is growing strongly and vigorously regardless of covid 19 pandemics. For this reason, more and more traditional retailers have planned to move their stores online in the near future.

Digitally transforming traditional retail businesses into eCommerce is never an easy task. Yet, with the help of robust POS solutions, the mission is possible! Let’s see how a POS system can empower Canadian retailers to win the bigger pie in the transformation race.


One of the most outstanding Canada POS systems is ConnectPOS. This POS solution is specifically designed for the Canadian retail market with an array of suitable and handy features. 

ConnectPOS is able to support all-size retail businesses operating in many fields and platforms. With ConnectPOS, retailers can easily bridge the gap between their online and offline to guarantee customers a seamless shopping experience in every channel. The explanation for this seamless process is that ConnectPOS automatically and constantly synchronizes all business data from store and warehouse locations in real-time.

Moreover, ConnectPOS also empower modern Canadian retailers by supporting them to create a unique and flexible customer journey with various convenient shopping options. To illustrate, with ConnectPOS, retailers can let customers make purchases online and drop by physical stores to pick them up or make further requests such as exchange or refund.

ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail
ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail

Inventory management is also greatly facilitated by this robust POS solution. Many manual tasks are now automated to speed up the process and avoid possible human mistakes.

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ConnectPOS offers Canadian retailers three main pricing packages along with a particular set of features for each one. The cost ranges from $39 to $89 each month. You can also ask for a custom plan with cutting-edge technology. If you want to take a closer look at how this system works, you can register for a 14-day free experience today.

Revel Systems

Revel System is another popular POS solution among Canadian retailers. Many Revel partners are satisfied with its ease of use and user-friendly interface as well as the overall functionality of the system.

In fact, Revel is a powerful Canada POS system, indeed. Revel is developed with a long list of inclusive and handy features that meet the needs of your business, especially if you are operating in the restaurant industry.

Revel System
Revel System

A plus point is that Revel has its own secured payment processing system. When adopting Revel, you do not need to worry about finding other third-party payment providers for your stores at all.

Revel is an excellent solution, indeed. However, you will have to pour a considerable investment to adopt this solution. The total price for Revel POS includes software price, payment processing price, and onboard fee, which may cost you thousands of dollars for setting up. Also, Revel does not offer any free version or trial program.


If you are a small or medium-sized business in the clothing and shoe industry, Quetzal may be what you are looking for. Being developed by a Canadian company, Quetzal may know pretty well about common problems with Canadian retail business in these markets.

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To be more detailed, Quetzal is a simple POS software but greatly effective with up-to-date technologies. Quetzal is developed with an optional native loyalty program that enables store owners to reward and track customers’ points when making purchases. You can also better interact with customers by providing gift cards that associate with customers’ cards and track their usage through gift card reports.


Additionally, Quetzal greatly supports Offline Mode that ensures a streamlined checkout process even without Internet access.

Quetzal POS offers 2 pricing packages only which are monthly and annually paid. Retailers can choose to monthly pay $75 per month or $720 per year for each location.

Epos Now

Epos Now is also among the most affordable and highly recommended Canada POS systems for retail and hospitality. This POS solution is compatible with all kinds of computer devices such as tablets, PC, laptops, etc, and is also designed with a user-friendly interface.

Epos Now enables retailers to closely monitor inventory and timely solve possible stock issues. Besides, with Epos Now, retailers can also automate the ordering process and avoid out of stock.

Epos Now
Epos Now

Additionally, Epos Now is equipped with an excellent customer management system. This system allows retail owners to record every customer’s information and create loyalty programs based on these data.

Epos Now has two basic pricing plans. The standard plan is priced at $39 per month and the premium plan is priced at $69 per month.


Another outstanding Canada POS system we would like to mention today is Clover. Clover is an adaptable and customizable POS solution that can be useful with all types of business. This POS solution can fit with every retail market but it is specially designed for small to medium-sized quick-service businesses.

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Clover also provides retail stores with many basic to advanced features. These features will empower businesses to optimize their retail process and enhance productivity as well as profitability.

Clover gives its users 5 pricing plans in total starting from $4.95 to $69.95 per month. Besides, retailers are also required to pay processing fees for each of their transactions.


In conclusion

POS systems are making huge impacts on the digital retail transformation globally thanks to their advanced technology. It is likely that every retail business needs a POS system in their stores. Any of these five Canada POS systems are developed with a fruitful set of features that can greatly meet your expectations. 

If you want to know more about our ConnectPOS – feel free to contact us. We are always willing to answer any questions.

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