Top 5 Best Cloud-Based Point-Of-Sale Solutions

Top 5 Best Cloud-Based Point-Of-Sale Solutions

Cloud-based POS system is online or web-based software that all data, as well as transactions, are processed and monitored from a remote cloud service. Since cloud-based systems are operated online, retailers can spend less time and money on setting up as well as integrating them compared to installing on-premise solutions. Here is the list of the 5 best cloud-based point-of-sale solutions in the market. 


ConnectPOS is an overall cloud POS solution developed by ConnectRetail. This solution provides a wide range of powerful features that can not only support retailers to streamline their sales process but also develop an advanced omnichannel business model. After ages working in the retail solution market, ConnectPOS has been trusted by more than 2000 small-to-large retailers operating in every business field.

ConnectPOS offers 3 reasonable pricing packages starting from only $39 to $89 for each device per month. Also, if retailers want to adopt advanced technology such as PWA App or Interactive Second Screen, you can contact ConnectPOS sales team to create a custom price package for your stores. 

Retailers are able to integrate with third party payment providers and pay directly to them without any extra transaction fees required. In practice, ConnectPOS is the only POS that connects your NetSuite with eCommerce platforms. The integration will provide you an overview of your business performance.

Additionally, if you are looking for hardware vendors to integrate with POS software, ConnectPOS also provides you a list of terminal suppliers. All of them are well-known POS vendors in the market and can work well with the ConnectPOS system.



Shopify is famous for providing retailers with one of the most popular and secured retail platforms in the industry. Besides, Shopify leaders also develop a cloud-based point-of-sale solution to greatly support their retailers. 

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Shopify POS is designed with many standard features such as inventory management or payment processing. As a part of Shopify eCommerce suite, Shopify provides this solution freely to every retail store that has stores on this platform. 

However, Shopify POS encounters some limitations. Firstly, the POS solution is only available for Shopify eCommerce stores. Besides, although Shopify retailers can use this POS without spending a penny, they have to charge particular fees for each transaction.

Shopify POS
Shopify POS


Toast is the best cloud-based point-of-sale solution for foodservice businesses due to its standard sales and inventory features. Since Toast focuses on retailers operating in the foodservice industry, it has several restaurant-specific features inducing menu management, table mapping, kitchen display integrations, etc. Retailers can monitor and control both back-end and front-of-house operations closely with insightful reports. 

However, Toast POS can only operate on custom-built Android devices developed by the same providers.  Also, this POS does not serve with many necessary features of retailers in other markets such as boutiques or salons. 

The price for Toast ranges from $69 to $189 per month. 

Toast POS
Toast POS


Square is a perfect cloud-based POS solution for small businesses since the POS providers offer all retailers a free plan with several excellent features. For example, Square enables retail stores to manage, categorize and monitor individual items across all store and warehouse locations in deal time. 

Also, retail owners can see customers’ purchase history as well as necessary information. Besides, by sending them digital receipts, retail stores can ask and collect real-time feedback.

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However, Square does not have many complicated features that can support multi-stores and multi warehouses businesses. So, if you expand your business and have more stores, you may have to opt for other solutions.

Square POS
Square POS


Vend POS is a flexible cloud-based POS solution that can operate on iPad, Mac and PC. Vend is popular for robust customer loyalty features.

To be specific, Vend has some basic CRM features which enable you to create and manage customer profiles. The Vend Pro version enables retail stores to create loyalty programs with gift cards, store credit, and also reward points.  

Vend offers three basic pricing plans. The Lite plan is only limited to businesses with under $20000 sales revenue per month. If your revenue is higher than that, you will have to upgrade your plan into higher ones. 

Vend POS

Final thought,

In a constantly changing market these days, it is a must that businesses adopt flexible solutions for their stores. And cloud-based point-of-sale appears to be a better option compared to on-premise solutions. 

Being one of the best cloud-based point-of-sale solutions in the market, ConnectPOS offers many features to assure your stores can keep up with changes in the market. If you are interested in our POS, contact us today to have a 14-day-free-trial experience of this global standard solution. 

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