Top 5 Bluetooth Receipt Printer Options For Businesses

Along with the POS systems, businesses usually need a good receipt printer to support the transaction in their brick-and-mortar stores. In present days, store owners often use Bluetooth receipt printers thanks to their portability and ease of use. Among many brands in the market, it is common to get lost in different types. Therefore, we will give an overview of the top 5 Bluetooth receipt printer brands that businesses should consider.

Star Micronics ($340)

Bluetooth receipt printer - star micronics

Star Micronics is a thermal receipt printer with Bluetooth connections. Its full name is Star Micronics TSP654II with a “drop-in and print” paper loading type. The printer can generate 60 receipts in a minute which can support the checkout process to happen smoother. 

Moreover, Star Micronics is also compatible with mobile devices. Store owners can bring the printer anywhere easily, especially on-the-go businesses such as those in the open markets. Some other functions include USB connection, Ethernet and Apple AirPrint protocol. Last but not least, Star Micronics is also well-known for having a strong battery life, so it can run all day without being charged.

Munbyn ($73)


Munbyn IMP001 is a mini Bluetooth printer designed specifically for iOS devices. This printer is even more portable than the first one with a free Velcro belt to hang on the waist. What is special about this printer? Munbyn can run without any ink, toner, or cartridges, which is more eco-friendly than its competitors. 

This printer also comes with a demo app called “POS printer” or “RT printer”. Users can easily have a demo with basic text printing. In addition, Munbyn also supports barcode and logo printing, making it a suitable Bluetooth receipt printer for bigger businesses with more demands.

Epson Mobilink ($316)

Bluetooth receipt printer - epson mobilink

Epson Mobilink P20 is an ultra-lightweight Bluetooth printer. It is one of the most portable receipt printers on the market that can fit into your hand. It enables users to print anywhere with a Bluetooth or wifi connection.

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Great compatibility is a big advantage of Epson Mobilink. The printer is NRC-pairing ready and compatible with the major mobile operating systems such as iOS or Android. It can also be integrated with most POS platforms with the standard wireless security protocols. Speaking of the environment, Epson Mobilink offers up to 23% paper-saving options.

Brother Mobile Label and Receipt Printer ($995)


This Bluetooth printer is also referred to as the RJ2150. It is a thermal printer with an LCD screen and belt clip. The device is popular for having high productivity thanks to its fast printing speed. As a result, checkout can happen faster, especially during rush hours. 

Regarding compatibility with different devices, RJ2150 can work on Windows Vista, Android, and iOS. It has 12MB memory and 32MB RAM, making the system facing fewer disruptions in high data load. It also has up to 256 stored templates, which can be beneficial for businesses to cut down on other receipt design processes.

Zebra ($950)

Bluetooth receipt printer - zebra

Zebra ZQ630 is the next Bluetooth receipt printer we would recommend to our readers. With the latest battery technology, this printer can minimize downtime and boost productivity. Moreover, it also has a wake-on status function which can save more battery. For these reasons, Zebra ZQ630 is suitable for warehouses or logistic companies with high volumes of printing. It can also be used in the transportation or manufacturing industries thanks to its portability. This is because this Bluetooth receipt printer is built with a tempered glass display and a one-piece design as in the above image.

Wrapping up

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We hope that this blog has provided the most basic information about the top Bluetooth receipt printer options on the market. The next step should be in-depth research into the system you’re interested in and conducting trials (if possible).

This blog is brought to you by ConnectPOS, a leading point of sale provider. A combination of POS systems and a Bluetooth receipt printer is what many retailers use nowadays. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions about our POS!

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