What Is On Premise?

On-premise software is a kind of software model that is integrated into an in-house server and computing infrastructure. When using on-premise software, data is assured to stay inside the private network and only internal access allowed. In addition, businesses are usually required to obtain a license for using the software. 

How on-premise software is used?

On-premises software or on-premise system is a traditional method that requires a software license for each user. Customers will be responsible for the security, availability, and complete management of the software. 

Why are people not opting for an on-premise?

Although, many businesses have chosen on-premise software since there might be no third party involved. In recent years, due to the rapid development of digital technology, the importance of on-premises is degrading severely and soon be replaced by modern cloud-based software. Many companies are gradually transforming into cloud space by integrating online software because of better data protection and good control over data.

Expensive Cost

If using this software, businesses need to spend loads of time and effort to effectively utilize their system. Apart from the initial investment required to buy the servers or hardware, other costs are also included such as hardware, software, licenses for updating the system, and so on. Additionally, the hardware needs to be replaced after a certain time period, which may put a burden originating from additional cost. Businesses also need to invest another amount of money to annually update their system.

Security Risk

Data is one of the most important parts of any company and breaching issues on it can put your company at risk. On-premise software is not secured enough to protect data. In other words, businesses may face losing data if any malfunction happens. Also, most of the data is stored on an internal server, which may raise the risk of data loss.


Greater benefits from SAAS

Many small and large businesses are opting for SaaS as it is cost-effective and also regularly and easily updated into advanced versions. Also, cloud-based software is very economical while the implementation process is very simple. Once businesses have installed that software, they will directly be signed up for a subscription.

Digital transformation trend

In the last decade, there is a huge transformation in the digital market. Specifically, people are more advanced in their servers, data protection, maintenance, effectiveness. But as on-premises is still using the traditional methods or its software consists of classic amenities, most people have decided to move into cloud space


Since businesses using on premise software have experienced a variety of disadvantages. In this competitive market, it is a must that businesses opt for a new ERP system where they will are able to approach advanced features and improve their operation.

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