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Top 5 Helpful Magento Retail Extensions

Magento is always defined as the leading eCommerce platform that has been supporting various retail businesses worldwide for ages. However, it is necessary that businesses consider purchasing some extra Magento retail extensions to better support their online stores since the default setup does not provide many of them.

In this article, we would like to introduce you some must-have extensions that may benefit your online stores.

POS system

ConnectPOS is the most powerful Magento 2 Point of Sale (POS) extension in the current market. ConnectPOS allows retailers to synchronize between inventory and the POS system in real-time. This extension is designed with the aim of optimizing every stage in the retail process and enhance performance

ConnectPOS - Magento Extension

Some of ConnectPOS highlight features

  • Support retailers to manage multi-stores and multi-warehouse 
  • Support multiple payment methods
  • Support Click-and-Collect process
  • Enable working in both online and offline mode

Customer-Specific Product and Pricing at Mconnect

Mconnect’s Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento 2 is another recommendation among Magento retail extensions. If your retail business is in the pursuit of creating personal experiences, this extension is perfect for you. Retailers are able to set particular price levels for particular products and groups of customers.

Customer-Specific Product and Pricing - Magento Extension
Customer-Specific Product and Pricing at Mconnect

Some of this extension highlight features:

  • Assign price levels for specific products and customer groups
  • Limit or hide certain categories of products for unregistered users
  • Update layer navigation
  • Assist in adding custom prices for specific products


Extension recommendations will make or break the chances of increasing your AOV and sales. Nosto is one of the ideal Magento retail extensions that allows businesses to showcase customized product recommendations. Besides, with Nosto, retailers can also effectively launch and optimize marketing campaigns despite the lack of an in-house professional IT team.


Some of this extension highlight features:

  • Modify and optimize your marketing campaigns without in-house professional IT team
  • Support retailers to create customers personalized experience
  • Assist in creating customer guidelines at every step.


Stripe Payments is a Magento retail extension from Stripe that supports you in accepting and processing credit and debit cards, as well as mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Stripe is a must-have for anyone who wants to win consumer confidence by being safe, stable, and reliable.


Some of this extension highlight features:

  • Both major credit and debit cards are accepted in hundreds of currencies and nations.
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and a slew of other local payment methods are all supported by mobile wallets.
  • Stripe can work well in a multi-store setting.
  • Stripe Radar detects and prevents fraudulent payments using machine learning.


Omnisend is a one-stop-shop for omnichannel marketing automation. In a matter of minutes, you can create emails, construct your subscription list, and set up sophisticated automation workflows, all from the same simple framework.

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Omnisend is unlike any other email marketing platform. It allows you to combine several outlets in the same automation workflow, including email, SMS, web push notifications, and more.

Notice that Omnisend integration is accomplished by the use of an open-source plugin created by a third party.


Some of this extension highlight features:

  • Visual Email Composer is a program that allows you to create emails visually. If you start with one of the many templates available or build your message from the ground up, the visual composer makes it simple to create a statement in just a minute.
  • Segmentation based on profile data, shopping habits, and campaign engagement support retailers to easily set up goals.

Final thought,

Integrating Magento can be seen as a great hack for retailers to thrive in the recent market. And with a suitable combination of great extensions, retailers will easily optimize Magento platform as well as gain more conversions and enhance retail revenue.

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