Shopify Wholesale Apps

Top 5 Shopify Wholesale Apps

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform that offers wholesalers a variety of helpful features. These in-inbuilt features can support wholesale businesses to smoothen their processes as well as increase sales. However, there are certain features that are not provided by default, businesses can consider choosing some Shopify wholesale apps to the marketplace to optimize their Shopify stores.

ConnectPOS by Connect Retail

ConnectPOS is a cloud-based POS software. This POS system deems a leading POS in the market and is famous for its wide range of features and advanced technologies facilitating wholesale businesses. 

ConnectPOS by Connect Retail

Some highlight features of ConnectPOS are:

  • Connect POS software is compatible with both PCs (Windows and MacOS) and cell phones (iOS and Android)
  • This app enables 100% real-time inventory synchronization between the POS system and the inventory
  • Stocktake allows wholesalers to count and save stock numbers, improves inventory management
  • ConnectPOS provides a native mobile app that works with mobile POS
  • No extra transaction cost is required

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale By BOLD

Bold Custom Pricing is a Shopify app that provides a variety of wholesale and tiered pricing options. Pricing rules are set automatically by the app. Also, when dealers buy in bulk, this app will immediately upgrade the products to wholesale status with special discounts. Furthermore, the app does not generate any duplicate variants or personal items as well as ensure complete protection.

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale
Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale By BOLD

Some highlight features of this app are:

  • Provide a variety of wholesale and tiered pricing options.
  • Automatically create pricing rules.
  • Automatically upgrade products status and wholesale programs.
  • Auto tag customers based on their nationality or sorts of products
  • Work seamlessly with every channel and third party integrations

Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder by Wholesale Helper

A smart Shopify wholesale app created by Seth Gold simplifies the wholesale order and reorder process. Customers would find it more convenient to view products and variations in specific lists on a single page. They are also enabled to reorder previous items within only two clicks. Thanks to the ability to integrate with other wholesale applications, this software can become a much more useful tool that maximizes wholesale sales productivity.

Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder
Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder by Wholesale Helper

Some highlight features of this app are:

  • Provide personal pricing programs such as discounts for individual customers or products.
  • Increase conversion rates and purchases by offering volume discounts.
  • Allow customers to complete orders online and receive pricing.
  • Allow users to create as many discounts as they want.
  • Set up shipping rates for wholesalers.

Wholesale & Custom Pricing by Website on-demand

Another highly recommended Shopify app is Website On-Demand. This app provides wholesalers necessary resources to support not only your businesses but also your customers. Wholesalers are allowed to offer wholesale customers a variety of discount levels to choose from. 

Wholesale & Custom Pricing - Shopify app
Wholesale & Custom Pricing by Website on-demand

Some highlight features of this app are:

  • Provide discounts to your customers.
  • Showcase upsell offers
  • Enable individual customers to place orders without having to go through the checkout process.
  • Make a variety of discount levels available to your wholesale customers.

Wholesale Club by Pixel union

The next helpful Shopify app wholesale Club. This app would be the best option for wholesalers who want to transform their online stores into wholesale stores. Pixel Union created it with the aim of increasing income by boosting sales orders. Here are some fantastic features that have been prepared for you. 

Wholesale Club - Shopify app
Wholesale Club by Pixel union

Some highlight features of this app are:

  • Allow wholesalers to reward and motivate your customers by providing discounts.
  • Assist wholesales in creating a variety of discount rate levels.
  • Prevent the duplication of goods or versions.
  • Allow customers to place an outstanding order and pay it back within the specified period.
  • Allows you to divide your consumers into several levels.


Shopify provides wholesalers with various in-built features as well as helpful apps on their marketplace. It is highly recommended that wholesalers should consider utilizing some Shopify wholesale apps in order to better manage the sales processes, increase orders and as a result, boost sales revenue.

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