Top 5 Pharmacy POS Systems

To manage a drugstore efficiently, shopkeepers would need a pharmacy POS to automate inventory management, curbside collection, or drive-thru orders. Our today’s article will point out the 5 best pharmacy software that can improve your business operation.

ConnectPOS: An awarded POS system

Being trusted by more than 10 thousand retailers worldwide, ConnectPOS offers the best solutions for multiple retail industries including pharmacy.

Product and order management

Thanks to the option that assigns each location to a different outlet, your inventory will no longer be cluttered. Customers may order online and pick it up in the shop. Refunds and exchanges are also accepted in physical locations.

Customer management

ConnectPOS supports loyalty programs with extensions from dependable vendors (Aheadworks, Amasty, etc). With the group pricing feature, you can develop effective tiered pricing for multiple consumer groups, thus providing your customers with a better experience. Moreover, gift cards, which can be used in both online and offline retailers, are accepted by ConnectPOS.

DataScan: A well-known pharmacy POS

Being in the pharmacy business for over 35 years, DataScan has a broad knowledge of the profession and always keeps up with industry trends.

For wholesalers and analyzing sales

This software includes a system that can do your shopping for you! It will compare prices from all wholesalers to find the best deal. You can also keep track of all previous outcomes and sales.

Financial reporting

The system will not only track your sales, but will also provide financial reports for you and your accountant. You will also receive an end-of-day reconciliation statement to assist you in staying on track.

PrimeRx: Efficiency drug system

As an all-in-one pharmacy POS software for automated prescription filling, invoicing, and claim processing, PrimeRx is ideal for independent, retail, and multi-store pharmacy owners. It enables a customizable workflow that is both efficient and straightforward.

Automated refill management

By evaluating the patient, prescriber, and pharmaceutical inventory, this system can fill prescriptions. Scheduled refills, as well as missed or expired refills, are displayed on the Dashboard.

Updates and Interaction with customers 

The Patient Status Board is a standout feature of PrimeRx. You may converse with your customers as they wait for their prescriptions using this board.

Customers can see where they are in line and how much longer they will have to wait. They will not have to disturb the pharmacist or the technician, and they will not be in the dark.

PioneerRx: Global pharmacy POS

PioneerRx is considered the most widely used pharmacy POS system. Its purpose is to deliver new tools to small businesses so they may outperform their larger competitors.

Inventory control

Inventory management using shelf stickers is one of PioneerRx’s primary features. This POS system creates shelf labels rather than pricing labels for each item. This helps your personnel to swiftly determine whether an item needs to be replenished or has been placed in an inappropriate location.

Financial Intelligence and reporting

You may send prescription data to pharmaceutical companies via the PioneerRx system. Make your own label revisions and financial reports as well.

BesyRx: A feature-rich system

As a pharmacy POS system that is uncomplicated and easy to use, BesyRX is confident in its product, with the introductory sentence “Your search for the best pharmacy management software ends here.”

Signature capture for electronic and mobile delivery

BestRx comes with a signature pad that allows you to electronically collect signatures. This includes signatures for prescriptions, HIPAA, and credit cards. The e-signatures are saved in the system and may be retrieved for audits or reporting as needed.

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This software also has a mobile delivery system that allows the pharmacy to keep track of all shipments received digitally.

Document Management

BestRx makes document management simple by allowing your team to scan and import papers straight into the system. Furthermore, the papers may be retrieved at the press of a button. The papers are securely kept and backed up on an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant cloud server.


Most pharmacy POS systems include various features to help your drugstore increase sales and efficiency. If you haven’t found out the best solution for your business, call us immediately to receive the best advice!

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