WooCommerce holiday plugin app

Top 5 Woocommerce Holiday Plugin Apps 2021

It is no longer simple to prepare for the holiday season. Whether it’s managing a business, running deals and funnels, or something else entirely, retailers can’t get anything done without plugins. So, based on the numerous store-related tasks that shopkeepers have to perform, here’s a list of the best WooCommerce holiday plugin apps to help you make this festive season a smash hit.

ConnectPOS: An online and offline omnichannel 

Trusted by more than two thousand retailers around the world, ConnectPOS is the leading cloud-based software that supports multiple touchpoints to bring the most effective sales during the holiday season. This software provides limitless customizations and a complete feature set to transform the user’s omnichannel business.

WooCommerce holiday plugin app

Why is it a favorable app on holiday?

  • ConnectPOS is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs, as well as mobile devices (iOS & Android). Also, it works with a variety of POS hardware providers.
  • Customers may have a smooth shopping trip with the native iPad app, which has the same feature set as the web-based one.
  • Wireless customer screen: Before completing payments, customers may quickly engage with a second screen.
  • POS with self-checkout: Scanning barcodes can speed up the checkout process. There are additional options for receiving notifications about new arrivals or promotional promotions.

Table Rate Shipping: Add & manage the best shipping rates

This WooCommerce holiday plugin app allows you to create various prices for a single client based on a number of admin-defined factors. Shipping destination, cart subtotal, item shipping class, price, weight, and a variety of other factors can all be considered through Table Rate Shipping.

Why is it a favorable app on holiday?

  • A long number of requirements can be met, including subtotal, amount, weight, volume, product type, and so on.
  • Each table row has several criteria.
  • To alter the precedence of the criteria and expenses, drag and drop table rows.
  • Per-instance, turn off shipping taxes.

Cashier: WooCommerce holiday plugin app to optimize checkout process

On your WooCommerce store, this Cashier plugin allows you to have a direct checkout as well as a one-click checkout. The “Buy Now” button would let consumers bypass the basket and straight to checkout. It can even bypass the checkout and payment procedures entirely, completing the transaction with a single click using the customer’s prior order and payment information.

Why is it a favorable app on holiday?

  • Logged-in customers will have autofill shipping and invoicing information.
  • Items that are regularly purchased together should be automatically recommended.
  • On the product page, show both the WooCommerce ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy Now’ buttons.
  • Share Buy Now links with your customers via email, social media, or by embedding them on your website.
  • Stripe, PayPal Standard, Braintree, Authorize.Net, Cheque Payments, Direct Bank Transfer, and Cash on Delivery are all supported via one-click checkout.

Smart Coupons: Create coupons in bulk and schedule them

This WooCommerce holiday plugin app, Smart Coupons, makes it simple to generate, issue, and manage coupons, shop credit, gift cards, and other related items. You can create coupons in bulk, schedule them, and export a CSV. Then, before the sale begins, utilize your email marketing program to offer those coupons to your consumers.

Why is it a favorable app on holiday?

  • Free coupons may be in categories and applied automatically from a URL.
  • Beautiful new coupon designs and color palettes
  • Throughout the site, a promo code notification will be shown (no need to use other plugins, very useful for sitewide sales).
  • Target discounts to certain delivery methods, payment gateways, countries, user roles, or any combination of these.

WooCommerce Stock Manager: Manage stock, products, and variations

From a single screen, Stock Manager can control the product stock and variants. This is the best free WooCommerce holiday plugin app.

WooCommerce holiday plugin app

Why is it a favorable app on holiday?

  • Use table cells and dropdowns to handle stock data.
  • Directly create, delete, or update a large number of stock items.
  • Manage stock by updating stock status and quantity.
  • Set and change the discount or normal pricing, backorders, tax status, tax class, shipping class, and weight, among other things.
  • All stock data from the business can be exported, edited, and then imported using a CSV file.

In a nutshell 

These are some of the most highly rated and widely used WooCommerce holiday plugin apps to exceed the holiday sales goals. If you want to get more close advice and the best solutions for your own business, call us immediately!

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