Top WooCommerce POS US 2022

As the basic knowledge of every merchant, a solid WooCommerce POS system in the US will allow you to handle all of your data in one location while also giving your consumers a positive experience. So, we’ll go through some of the finest WooCommerce POS US plugins for managing various retail channels in this post.

ConnectPOS: Online and Offline Integration

ConnectPOS represents one of the typical WooCommerce POS US. Thanks to a variety of advanced capabilities, this software will provide customers with a one-of-a-kind omnichannel experience.

You don’t have to worry about losing your Internet connection since ConnectPOS still works well when you’re not connected! Offline mode allows you to complete basic operations like making orders, executing transactions, and preserving client information.


  • Standard: $39/month (paid annually) or $49/month (paid monthly)
  • Advanced: $69/month (paid annually) or $79/month (paid monthly)
  • Premium: $89/month (paid annually) or $99/month (paid monthly)


  • Real-time synchronization: All of your transactions are synced with the POS system and inventory in real time. 
  • Click-and-Collect: ConnectPOS allows customers to purchase online and pick up in-store for a seamless shopping experience. At the brick-and-mortar store, it also enables refunds and exchanges.
  • Offline mode: Even when there’s no Internet connection, ConnectPOS can still function smoothly. Data will be updated automatically when you get back online.
  • Multiple payment methods: ConnectPOS has connected with a number of secure payment gateways such as PayPal, Tyro, and Stripe. The system accepts a variety of payment options, including cash, credit/debit card, shop credit, reward points, and gift cards.

FooSales for Woocommerce

FooSales will provide you a safe WooCommerce POS US system that you can use to manage all of your cash transactions right from your browser. By connecting your physical store to your WooCommerce store, you’ll be able to manage and process orders there. 

When you use this plugin, data about your inventory, orders, and customers will be automatically synchronized. More significantly, FooSales connects to WooCommerce utilizing the REST API and eliminates any integration headaches. In addition, the user interface is simple to use, and order information can be readily managed from the store’s backend.

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This plugin’s single-site subscription will cost you $249.


  • From the same easy interface, synchronize inventory and order details.
  • The WooCommerce backend provides access to order source and other information. Taxes are calculated automatically based on your WooCommerce tax rates. During the billing process, you can use WooCommerce coupons.
  • Barcode scanners can help you keep track of your inventory.
  • Create consumer profiles to better engage them. Send invoices to customers automatically, and print if necessary.

YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce

This plugin may be used to construct a WooCommerce POS US system regardless of the type of business. You won’t have to invest in pricey equipment to collect payments from many channels and places. YITH POS will assist you in creating a portable virtual cash register.


The plugin’s single-site subscription costs $189.99.


  • To sync orders to the WooCommerce database, you can create a WooCommerce POS using the REST API. Also, you can have as many stores as you like, with various registers for different sections.
  • You may use the frontend login form, and give your team members access to the cash register.
  • A fun POS interface that allows you to create goods and manage inventory. It also accepts various payment options for a single order.
  • A centralized dashboard allows you to easily track orders and sales statistics. Scannable barcodes are supported.

WePOS – Popular WooCommerce POS US

WePOS is another favored choice with a lot of customization possibilities among WooCommerce POS plugins. Through your WooCommerce store, you’ll be able to take orders from different channels and manage your inventory in real time. The plugin is quick to process orders and provides simple search options for items and customers. It will also assist in the management of various cash outlets and users.


The Starter package costs $199 per year. There’s also a free version that just works with the cash gateway.

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  • This plugin can manage billing for your physical businesses. There are as many cash counters as departments, each with several cashiers. For cashiers, there is a frontend login option.
  • Taxes are calculated automatically. It accepts cash, credit cards, and other forms of payment.
  • You can customize the POS system to suit your convenience.


So, to keep inventory status and order data in sync when selling through different retail channels, you will need the finest WooCommerce POS US to fulfill all the requirements. If you still have doubts about the above suggestions, give us a call to get a free trial of ConnectPOS and the best advice for your own stores.

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