What is a POS system

What Is Point Of Sale (POS System) ?

If you are planning to open a business, particularly in retail, a POS system is a must-have as a support for your store to run smoothly. So today, we are going to learn everything you need to know about a POS system.

What is a Point Of Sale?

Point of sale is a place where the purchase of goods or services between customers and merchants happens, whereas a POS (Point Of Sale) system is the central link that connects inventory and customer management. POS these days are so modern and up-to-date, it could do many things more than just a simple checkout counter. More examples are: manage inventory, analyze metrics, and produce reports.

Different types of POS

There are 4 main different types of POS systems: counter-based, mobile, online, and omnichannel.

Counter-based POS system

point of sale: cash register

This kind of system is traditionally used, its setup usually looks like a typical cash register. This POS system scans barcodes on the item and prints the receipts. 

Mobile POS system

point of sale: mobile

Even though counter-based systems are still going strong, mobile POS is making its way to retailers’ hearts. The system is easy to set up and developed specifically for mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. With a mobile POS, you could show and sell items to customers without them walking all the way to the counter. 

Online POS system

point of sale: online

Online shoppers are increasing rapidly and they expect to receive the same experience as in a physical store. The more valuable customers feel when checking out online, the more reputation your stores would gain. An online POS system is more convenient since it can sync your inventory in real-time, which helps you cut back on time and effort instead of doing manually.

Omnichannel POS system

Your online and offline channels should be in harmony with each other, meaning their databases are all syncing together, even when they have different inventories. You could avoid accidentally selling out-of-stock products and deliver satisfying customer services. This is the most important benefit of an omnichannel POS.

Why do you need a POS?

Whether you are running a restaurant, a bar, a grocery store, or a clothing store, you definitely need a POS system. But why?

Save time

A POS  system is quite easy to use so it would not take much time to learn and train employees. It helps speed up the checkout process, especially during rush hours. When a customer wants to check information about a product, you could quickly search for it on your POS, ergo leading to shorter waiting time and better customer service. 

Easy to keep track

Moreover, you would be able to track your finances and staff with POS system data analyzing and reporting feature. And with its inventory management system, you could keep track of stocks and check if there is any loss. 

Data synchronization in real-time

If you have several stores and want to keep track of multiple outlets and warehouses at the same time, then a POS system is a must. You could run your business from anywhere and at any time. All you have to do is access the POS on your devices. 

To conclude

A POS system makes your business time and cost-saving. You would have greater insight and improve your customer experience. Advanced POS systems such as ConnectPOS will offer you services in order to elevate your business. Contact us for more information!

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