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5 Hidden Benefits Of POS Systems You May Miss

For the past few years, the retail industry has witnessed a growing trend toward digital transformation and automate business workflows. In the wave of optimizing business processes, POS software appears as a determinant with a wide range of powerful functions. However, not every business is able to make the most use of their POS systems. In fact, besides the ability to support sales and inventory management, there are many other unsung benefits of POS systems that may not be recognized.

Generate more detailed and accurate reports

One of the most competitive benefits of POS systems is the ability to automatically gather and produce insightful reports. For every retailer, regularly analyzing business reports is required in order to evaluate operating performance and orientate future activities. 

Traditionally, reports are conducted manually, which poses potential problems due to human mistakes. On the other hand, POS systems enable retail businesses to obtain real-time and accurate information, unify them, and constantly update reports about every aspect of the business.

Generate reports

Efficiently use labor sources

It is reported that every business invests approximately 70% of its operating costs in human resource management. This portion of their budget is spent on employee wages, welfare, related tax, and so on. For that reason, many business owners want to adopt a technology innovation to cut down labor costs. 

Instead of adopting workforce management software, a POS system might be a better option.  Nowadays, every POS solution is equipped with helpful features that can support payroll systems and monitor employee performance. In addition, POS systems can also automate many manual tasks such as cash register reconciliations or disparity checks. Hence, the staff is able to spend their time and efforts on other more necessary issues like customer service.

Efficiently use labor source
Efficiently use labor source

In particular, some powerful pos providers also offer kiosk POS systems, which enables customers to make purchases themselves without the need for any store staff. With this innovation, retailers can serve their customers with no waiting and no delay.

Enhance operational efficiency

By integrating POS systems into the workflow, businesses can streamline their operations for both online and offline stores. To illustrate, POS systems provide retailers with the ability to properly delegate task and staff levels based on in-hand sales data. The staff will serve customers more efficiently, which enhances customer satisfaction and sales revenue.

POS enhance operation efficiency
Enhance operation efficiency

Speed up and secure payment process

Time and data are always valuable intangible assets of every business. In fact, there is a close association between faster and secure service and higher customer traffic. 

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In order to save time and secure payment processes, an integrated point of sale system can simplify the credit and debit card process as well as eliminate possible human mistakes.  In fact, Finance Magnates has shown that customers appear to prefer cashless payment and by 2025, about 75% of total transactions are made with cards.

Moreover, payment transactions via POS are reportedly much faster and safer compared to other solutions. Many POS systems are integrated with several reliable payment gateway providers such as PayPal, Amazon Pay or ApplePay and only accept verified cards. Hence, customers can assure to quickly complete their transactions without encountering any possible payment fraud.

Fast and secure payment process
Fast and secure payment process

In addition to credit and debit card, contactless payments are also enabled by some robust POS systems. When using contactless payment, customers only need to bring a personal smartphone near the POS terminal and quickly finish the process.

Foster customer loyalty 

As mentioned above, POS systems allow retailers to gain real-time and accurate customer information. Based on this information, retailers can understand customer behavior, collect their order history as well as other personal details and improve customer services afterwards. 

For example, with POS systems, retailers can design individualized rewards and loyalty programs. A recent study has pointed out that 69% of customers are influenced by these programs when making purchase decisions. Besides, the rewards program is an excellent marketing method used to express how retailers value their customers and foster customer loyalty. 

Foster customer loyalty
Foster customer loyalty

ConnectPOS – A leading POS systems in the retail industry

ConnectPOS is famous for its feature-rich cloud-based solution and advanced technology in terms of sales, inventory, payment, human resource management, and many other aspects of businesses. Some highlight features of ConnectPOS are:

  • Real time synchronize data
  • Support multiple payment gateways & payment methods
  • Enable working in both online and offline mode
  • Manage multi-store and multi-warehouse management
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Since being first introduced to the market, ConnectPOS has been supporting more than 2000 retailers worldwide operating in various fields such as Food & Drink, Toys & Hobbies, Nutrition & Supplements, etc.

ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail


There are even more benefits of POS systems that have not been listed here. By equipping online and offline stores with POS systems, retailers will not only turn a huge profit from enhancing operating proficiency but also from better customer experience.

If you are looking for a global standard POS system with a wide range of valuable benefits, our solution – ConnectPOS may be perfect for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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