How To Manage Customers’ Information With BigCommerce?

We are living in a data-driven world, and it is not the exception for eCommerce. Online businesses nowadays are holding valuable information about their customers. However, data should be handled appropriately to support the growth of any business and avoid a security crisis. Given that BigCommerce is now one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, this article will provide some of the most important points in BigCommerce POS customer management.

BigCommerce POS customer management

Create a complete data form

The first thing to consider in BigCommerce POS customer management is searching for a reliable form builder, in order to automate the process with the most diverse options to customize your forms. Some of the most popular features are to preview your items, auto-generate the report and test the setup before publishing it. This can provide seamless assistance to your sales and marketing team.

bigcommerce pos customer management

Secure customer data

In BigCommerce POS customer management, cyberattacks on e-commerce sites will always be a hot target. And the expense of a breach, both in terms of data loss and consumer confidence, can be hugely detrimental for companies of all sizes.

ECommerce business owners are well aware of these issues and are taking steps to improve their protection. According to the VMWare Carbon Black 2020 Cybersecurity Outlook Report, 77% of companies surveyed bought new security products in the previous year, and 69% hired more security personnel.

As online retailers introduce more technology to their sites to remain competitive, cyber attackers are honing their skills and finding new vulnerabilities to exploit. Being aware of e-commerce security and the types of threats is the best way to remain ahead of the game.

Backup your data

Data backup is critical for ensuring the survival of your business. Your business data can be easily lost or stolen, if your only backup is on a single desktop/laptop computer or mobile device. 

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Although SaaS companies such as BigCommerce are concerned about the security of their users’ data, data in cloud-based applications can still be lost for various reasons. An employee can inadvertently delete or overwrite important data. Data can also be lost due to malicious activity or simply due to the cancellation of an account subscription. As a result, backing up critical cloud data is just as vital for business as backing up data on-premises. This is extremely important in BigCommerce POS customer management.

Create personalize data

The next BigCommerce POS customer management is to understand the value of data in behavioral targeting, which is the cornerstone for implementing e-commerce personalization. Behavioral targeting is dependent on context, and context is everything when it comes to personalization.

Understanding each shopper’s session entails tracking their journey to your store and their on-site experiences using data points. Behavioral targeting can be used to implement eCommerce personalization, once we have programmed to understand shopper behavior in greater depth.


Integrate a POS system

Nowadays, it might not be enough to have an online presence. It’s becoming increasingly necessary to provide consumers with a seamless buyer experience online to offline. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, consumers who performed previous online research on a retailer’s pages spent 13% more in retail stores.

You can’t physically be in two locations simultaneously, but your eCommerce POS integration can. You’ll achieve a holistic view of your customers and industry by combining your offline and online platforms into one POS, eliminating the stress of manually adding up numbers.

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You won’t have to worry about overselling goods or slashing your customers’ orders if you have a clear line of sight to inventory. If you choose to run a buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) or click-and-collect model, this is especially critical for your BigCommerce POS customer management.


It is highly important to do BigCommerce POS customer management properly for the growth and credibility of your business. Contact ConnectPOS if you have any questions about our point-of-sale system on BigCommerce or POS customer management.

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