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How To Respond To Negative Reviews

Reviews keep your business on track, allowing you to grow and improve your performance. As a business owner, you should be aware of both positive and negative reviews

Negative feedback can occur regardless of the quality of your work or business. Nobody likes negative reviews, yet taking it personally and getting upset isn’t going to solve your problem. Here are a few things to keep in mind before responding to negative reviews.

bad reviews

Be calm and professional

When you respond to negative reviews, just take a deep breath and walk away from your computer, don’t respond to negative feedback hastily or in anger. Go for a walk to calm your mental state and respond in a professional manner.

Even if you feel that the customer is wrong, you should show your manner and professionalism by issuing an apology. Sometimes, even a sincere sorry isn’t enough to clear out the misunderstanding depending upon the type of reviewers, such as first-timers, serial complainers or sharpshooters. Taking responsibility rather than making excuses.

Always respond to negative reviews

Responding to a negative review will highlight you from your competitors. If you don’t respond to them, it shows that you don’t care about your customer’s feedback, hence decreases customer advocacy. By responding and resolving the review, it might appease the reviewer and they probably might return to you back.

respond to negative reviews

Resolve the issue

It’s important to acknowledge the issues rather than just responding to them. Contact the complainer to further understand what’s really happening. When you are actively finding resolutions to fix the problem, customers will truly appreciate your effort.

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This is also a great way to improve your performance and showcase your supportive customer service. Other potential customers will see this as a winning point when choosing your product or service.

Discuss the problems offline

Remember, usually responding to a negative review will be shown in public. You don’t want to conversate or battle with that customer online. Taking your discussion offline or in private is the best way to handle attention-seeking people.

As you acknowledge the issue, make sure to contact them to resolve the matter, even if the reviewer doesn’t respond, always put the effort from your side to maintain high standards.

Ask for a do-over and a second chance

Invite them with open arms, this will make the customers feel more comfortable with your ability to deliver another experience worthy of admiration. Once the matter is resolved, ask them politely to update their negative feedback towards your service. 

In conclusion,

Keep a close eye on how your customers are reviewing your business and respond to all good and bad reviews. As reviews are mostly arranged chronologically, if you have a steady flow of positive reviews then the negative reviews will move out.

Therefore, responding to a negative review is a part of maintaining your integrity. If you ignore negative feedback altogether customers are unlikely to return, which can further damage your business reputation in the community.

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