what is telecommunication

What Is Telecommunication?

Telecommunication has seen exponential growth over the past few years, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Its huge impact on every aspect of human life has not only made it easier for family and friends to be in touch, but also helped business by means of communication and security.

Yet, do you really understand the importance of telecom or you just think of it as a fancy term?

What Is Telecommunication?

Telecommunications or telecom is referred to as a process of communicating as voice, data and video transmissions through electronic technological devices like telephones, radios, computers, microwave communications, fibre optics, satellites, radio and television broadcasting and the Internet.

what is telocomunication

The telecommunication industry is the global business of supplying electronics and various technologies to allow people to communicate with one another. The carriers or providers play an important role in telecom services since they authorize the communication system. 

This industry features a number of sub-sectors including telecom infrastructure, billing companies, telecom software, network security provider, network operators, handset manufactures and value-added service providers.

Use Cases of Telecommunication

Advancements in telecommunication technologies have made way to interact with people at the global level. By adopting a sophisticated communication system, many businesses across the world have gained productivity, improved customer service and increased growth.

In Daily Life

This is the perfect solution for long-distance family and friends thanks to online phone calls, text messages, e-mails or social media. Telecommunication is also the momentum to push the development of social media. More and more people around the world now have access to some sources of entertainment to watch news, movies and music.

In Banking

No one can deny that telecommunication is a quick and seamless way to handle customers’ issues cross-platform. It leads to improvement in customer service thanks to integrated voice response and call-back manager. Mobile banking applications also have brought convenience in managing personal bank accounts and money transactions.

In Businesses

One of the advanced use cases is in logistics, where you can have instant face-to-face communication with overseas customers and partners. It also allows companies to make faster decisions and implements operations quickly.

telocomunication use case in business

Telecommunication organizes business meetings from any geographical location using a video conference system with employees, clients and business partners. International cooperation has never been as simple as in the 21st century. Thanks to online-based websites, social media platforms and television commercials, businesses can break geographical boundaries to enjoy more profits.

Why Telecommunication Is Important to Us

  • It satisfies our basic need to connect and communicate, as this has become the foundation for governments, business, communities and families.
  • From natural disaster initiatives to military needs, telecommunication is vital for security.
  • It’s the biggest economic booster. According to Statista, the telecom sector accounts for an estimated global spend of $520 billion annually.
  • Telecommunication provides an opportunity to encourage education, either a quick search on the Internet or tutorial on any subject.

Few trends in the telecommunication industry are doing rounds like 5G Networks with faster internet, biometric mechanisms like facial/retinal recognition while introducing biometric sim cards, Artificial Intelligence (AI) as speech recognition and indoor navigation and many more.

telocomunication use case

In conclusion,

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Telecommunication is an inevitable movement since the beginning of the 21st century. It’s better for not only businesses but also every individual to take advantage of these technology developments. Follow ConnectPOS to catch up with more hot trends in the technology and retail world!

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