Top 4 Hottest Shopify Inventory Apps Reviews 2021

Today, our world is full of convenience, from daily activities to doing business. People have invented a lot of applications to make the sale easier and faster. Thankfully, there are a lot of eye-opening Shopify Inventory Apps which can be helpful business companions for the owners, sellers, and even customers. 

Today, we are here to introduce to you some information about our top-listed Shopify inventory management apps and ultimate guideline for selection with the aim that you can choose the best item and your business will no longer face any process-related obstacles. 

Top 4 Best Shopify Inventory Apps Reviews 2021

Multi-Source Inventory Apps

This kind of Shopify Inventory App called Multi-Source Inventory App, also known as MSI was launched by ConnectRetail. This MSI is well-known for its awesome functions. Firstly, all the basic manipulations including the product-related procession, keeping track, managing orders, and recording the suppliers’ and buyers’ information usually work smoothly and fluently. 

Secondly, some remarkably unique features of this MSI can make it different from other Shopify inventory apps. It can monitor neat warehouse rights just in one application. Also, this MSI is truly well-fitted with other POS apps and you can connect it with whichever you like. With the assistance of this Shopify inventory application, whenever the orders reach the threshold, they can be completed automatically. 

Thirdly, the users don’t need to worry about whether this Shopify inventory app could be outdated in the future as it is always kept updated. For example, an overwhelming number of product groups from various channels will no longer exist when the MSI is planned to monitor all the product’s processes regardless of the different sources. 

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If you possess multi-location businesses, a wide range of production and you want to shorten your product procedures most simply or bring to the customers brilliant shopping experiences, this MSI could be the best solution for your desires. 


  • Convenient: a variety of functions in one app
  • Run smoothly, compatible with other POS
  • Modern, automatical 
  • Fast, foolproof


  • It is usually upgraded, causing the interrupt for updating the app sometimes

Stock Sync – Inventory Update 

This Shopify inventory app is also known as a “life-saving” app besides the official name of Stock Sync. Once having this app, the task with products including pricing, deleted, pinning spotlight, etc… could be done automatically without any manual actions. Stock Sync could help you save a lot of time. 

Moreover, tracking and following your distributors’ business activities could be done concurrently via crossing-sync. This function will bring you an overall picture of your selling no matter wholesaling or retailing. As a result, you can have a lot of detailed inventory, customers’ tastes, and behaviors recorded, which could be useful for product quality improvement. 

If you currently have a mock and mortar shop and you need to expand it on e-commerce platforms, this inventory app can be a supportive companion. Stock Sync can automatically update all the inventory of your “real” stores and your distributor and make your transformation easier. Moreover, this Shopify inventory app can integrate with some Google applications, domain formats, and delete all the barriers of your online inventory activities.

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  • Compatible, convenient
  • Foolproof
  • Descriptive, visualization
  • Best for e-commerce transformation


  • There are some bugs when working in a  C++ environment
  • Sometimes overloaded in rush hours


The modern e-commerce world tends to stick to personalization and automatically making decisions based on data. There are also two most outstanding features of this Shopify inventory app: Skubana. Skubana will help you not only in observing and monitoring your selling and your distributors but also access to the storage to know about the stock situation. 

The customers will be grateful as the Shopify inventory app can estimate and calculate the best shipping price for them in real-time. With this Skubana, the painful reviews from customers will no longer remain and no longer make you sick thanks to its extraordinary inventory. 

Sometimes, you are confused in front of a lot of business-related ways of development and you can not realize what is the best direction. Don’t worry about that, Skubana is capable of analyzing, predicting, and forecasting based on your business operation data; therefore, it can make some precise decisions about cost-cutting, profit-gaining, and some new trends. In terms of personalization, REpresentational State Transfer Application Programming Interface (REST API) will help your business run in its most suitable way and bring profit.


  • Decision making, data analytic
  • Crossing analytic
  • Some manipulation based on real-time
  • Trustworthy recommendation
  • Integrate with Amazon, Walmart, etc.


  • Inventory scanning sometimes have some troubles


Do you find it difficult to attract new customers, to operate your sole-selling on e-commerce platforms and you want to interfere with the world marketplace? Sellbrite will help you do so. Sellbrite is a Shopify inventory app from Sellbrite Company and it is famous for the ability to help sellers do business on Amazon, eBay, etc. on the very first days. 

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Attracting a lot of customers could be easier with the reasonable listing functions including saving customers’ options and customizing templates of Sellbrite. Moreover, this Shopify inventory app can cross-check the available items from all storage at once. 

You can gain some more information about this app by:


  • Open a chance to the global marketplace
  • Reaching new customers assistant
  • Impressive listing functions
  • Easier set up process


  • Many features are limited outside the US

What Needed To Consider Before Selecting A Shopify Inventory App?

Here, we would like to give you some questions which you need to answer to find out what is the most suitable app for your business. After that, we will list all the Shopify inventory applications above accompanied by their most excellent feature.

There are some questions:

  • What is your business type?
  • Are you a wholesaler or a retailer?
  • Do you have a current mock-and-mortar store?
  • Do you need to reach more customers?
  • What are the most crucial criteria you expect of a Shopify inventory app?
Criteria Recommendation
Best for multi-location businesses, various product channelsMulti-Source Inventory Apps
Best for e-commerce transformation Stock Sync
Best for smart decision making and data analyticsSkubana
Best for reaching new customers and inter-connecting with global marketplacesSellbrite

Have you chosen your best-fitted Shopify inventory app for your online business? Confidently make your decision now!

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