How To Solve The Delivery Delay?

Retailers might face lots of troubles from the delivery delay. Regrettably, they are an unavoidable part of doing business online. Our today’s article will go through what causes shipment delays, and how to cope with them.

5 reasons causing delivery delay

Supply Chain

Logistics issues are at the top of the list of causes for delivery delays. The majority of supply chain bottlenecks are caused by a lack of capacity to handle orders or store items, particularly during peak eCommerce periods or significant sales.

International vs. Domestic Shipping

Airport congestion and bad weather are two of the most common reasons for international shipment delays. However, traffic, construction, large bottlenecks and diversions, and accidents have a greater impact on domestic shipments. 

Current Events

Current events on a global scale can have a significant impact on shipping if they disrupt supply networks. This has been demonstrated in the present worldwide epidemic. Coronavirus shipping delays have been reported from China and Singapore to Italy, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 


The holidays are a busy time for eCommerce, and the business frequently sees significant growth during this time. Of course, this entails a significant rise in shipping volumes, which can quickly overwhelm courier capacity, particularly if they lack an efficient delivery network or system. 

Incorrect Address

When a consumer provides an incorrect or misspelled address, or when a shop fails to properly document the client’s order, the delivery firm may not have enough information to deliver an item effectively. This might cause shipping delays or the shipment failing to arrive at all.

5 tips to deal with the delivery delay

Communicate with your customer

The first step in dealing with delays is to call your clients and explain why their products are not being delivered on time. While emails and specific response channels such as Facebook Messenger are viable solutions, making direct calls to your clients is a preferable option. You’ll be able to provide a customized solution to the problem, and your clients will appreciate your extra effort in calling them. 

Provide Click and Collect 

Shopkeepers can take advantage of the Click and Collect system. This method makes it possible for buyers to actively go to the store to pick up items without having to wait passively. One potential option for retailers is ConnectPOS as this app provides a safe and seamless omnichannel experience. Both sellers and shoppers can enjoy its convenience.

Partner with domestic suppliers

Working with vendors who have warehouses in your target nations might help you avoid delays by filling your orders from the nearest warehouses. This will assist you in avoiding delivery delays and shortening the time it takes for your things to arrive.

Offer free ship

Free shipping can help you meet your consumers’ expectations for speedier delivery by lowering their expectations. If you provide free shipping, your consumers will not anticipate same-day or next-day delivery. After you’ve managed to minimize their expectations, you can focus on improving your shipment timings and avoiding any delays, allowing you to take advantage of the competitive advantage that comes with speedier shipping.

Compensate by offers and discounts

Customers’ displeasure might be alleviated by giving them promo vouchers or small presents. While this will cost you some money, it is considerably less expensive than having your consumers leave negative reviews on your website, which can turn away hundreds of potential customers.


Overall, our 5 tips can assist your company in avoiding the negative consequences of delivery delays. If you want to know more effective solutions, contact us now to develop your retail business in the long run.

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